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Youtube Videos

Cross Country Training with Bergin Equine

Above is our three part cross country series (Part three will be released Friday 16 August). To select another video in the series click the icon in the top right corner of the video window.

Podcasts three HorseChats

This time Brendan was interviewed by HorseChats about "Ten Ways to Develop Acceptance and Thoroughness"

This time Brendan was interviewed by HorseChats about improving jumping with "Ten Ways To Develop Precision Over Fences".

This time Brendan was interviewed by HorseChats about improving jumping with "Ten Ways To Develop Control of Speed Over Fences".

Brendan was interviewed by HorseChats about his philosophy and how to go about solving problems of communication between horse and rider partnerships.

Pony Camp

Our Pony Camps are now open for bookings! As ever these camps are filled with games, riding and stable management.


Thursday 31 October - Friday 1 November 2019

Halloween Pony Camp

From 10:00 - 15:00
All ages and levels
Book Now (2 days €100 or €50 per day) to avoid disappointment!
Special Early Bird price €95 until 1 September 2019
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BHS Stage 1-4 Care Study Group

This study group with BHS Assessor Brendan Bergin BAgrSc-Eq (Hons), BHSI, BHS5 PCCH, ETCM will help anyone who is working towards BHS Stage 1 - 4 exams. The aim of these ongoing study groups is to help anyone brushing for BHS exams or looking to get started on their BHS exam journey. Brendan's experience and knowledge will put you on the right road to skill and exam success. Riding, Coaching, Lunging or Ride safe training is available separately.

There is also a closed Facebook group for those working towards Stage 1-4 (Care, Management, Riding, Coaching or Lunging) if you would like to joing the group please Click here and you will be redirected to the page, once you answer the joining questions your request will be considdered.


Pre booking is essesntial. Click here to contact us!


About Us

Bergin Equine's mission is to train using ethically sustainable principles. Our philosophy: "Ethical effective training achieving lightness through harmony" best represents our approach. As a BHS approved centre our ethos is closely aligned with the British Horse Society.

Our holistic approach is unique brining together the right experts to really deal with problems treating horses as individuals not using one size fits all solutions.