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Our farm plays home to a variety of Animals making Brambly Hedge Farm a unique learning environment for people and horses alike. We have a biodiversity programme including tree planting and wild flowers form more information contact us

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Visits Strictly By Appointment, Thank you!


At Bergin Equine we have a team of horses including a number of rescue ponies and we are proud to be associated with the Irish Horse Rehoming Program IHRP. We have adopted a number of horse from them and rescued some independently. If you are intrested in adopting from IHRP please contact them directly.


We have a small flock of chickens including rescued battery hens and Pekin bantums. In spring and summer the supply us with an endless supply of fresh free range eggs.. If you are interested in any of Brambly Hedge Farm ducks please contact us.


Tico, Jesse, Nell and Little Bear are the welcome committee. Loving nothing more than clients who are willing to throw a ball! If you are interested in any of Brambly Hedge Farm dogs please contact us.


Tree planting project 2022-2025

One of the cornerstones of biodiversity and ecology promotion is native tree planting not only does this massively sequester carbon but also provides habitats for indigenous fauna, insects (especially pollinators) and symbiotic flora. The predominant tree species in our planting project are; Hawthorn (Whitethorn), Hazel, Oak, Rowan (Mountain Ash), Birch (Downy) and Birch (Silver).

With the amazing support of “Trees on the Land” our project from 2021-2022 is to plant 10,000 trees. Our primary tree planting project is to plant native hedgerows and sheltering trees on every fence line creating a “living fence”. This living fence not only benefits native wildlife etc. but also provides shelter for our horses. It also brings nutrients from deeper soil layers to the surface tapping Into natures cycles rather than relying exclusively on agricultural inputs.


We have a small herd of pedigree Dexter cattle. Dexters are about half the size of a traditional beef steer infact they are the smallest of European breeds. They are thought to have come to Ireland with the celts. Our herd are the long leg phenotype rather than the short leg phenotype. All our herd are the rarer red strain rather than the more common black strain. If you are interested in any of Brambly Hedge Farm dexters please contact us.


Our herd of sheep have all come from our first bottle lambs and as such they are very easy to handle and tame. We breed them every year and we have limited availability for full and half lambs. If you are interested in Brambly Hedge Farm lamb please contact us.


We have two Tamworth pigs one of the oldest pig breeds and only Irish native breed. If you are interested in Brambly Hedge Farm pigs please contact us.

About Us

Bergin Equine's mission is to train using ethically sustainable principles. Our philosophy: "Ethical effective training achieving lightness through harmony" best represents our approach. As a BHS approved centre our ethos is closely aligned with the British Horse Society.

Our holistic approach is unique brining together the right experts to really deal with problems treating horses as individuals not using one size fits all solutions.